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April 25, 2010
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Do you fancy Utah? Do you live, work, play, have roots in or love visiting Utah? How ’bout the outdoors? Do you take advantage of the outdoor mecca that is Utah? Are you an aspiring writer or like to think of yourself as somewhat of a Shakespeare?

Well…we’re looking for you! If you seriously enjoy Utah and all its recreational glory–hit us up! We’re looking for a few good folks who enjoy Utah and partake of it’s offerings!

Here is a quick look at what we are looking for:

  • weekend warrior type…those who get out and cycle, mt bike, hike, backpack, ski, ride, run, climb or just take in nature.
  • stories rooted in the culture of Utah.
  • stories based in Utah or it’s outdoor offerings.

Contact us if you are interested. We should be able to get back to ya within a day or two.

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