contributor : R. Brandon Long
With ambitions of becoming an adventure journalist, R. Brandon Long returned to higher education after a long and incredibly mediocre loan officer career. Within months, his dream employer, Alpinist Magazine, closed shop (and has since relocated to New York from Jackson, WY). Devastated, the aspiring writer switched his ambitions to broadcasting where he and three co-hosts created The Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show! The audio hour that travels the landscape of adventure continues to launch its listeners to the heights of humanity. The logical progression, of course, included a Facebook Page, and now an actual website. Follow the musings of Ogden Outdoor Adventure as they guide readers through class five adjectives, double diamond verbs, and superfluous corny metaphors while delivering quality trip reports, gear reviews, and skillz sessions. And don’t forget to listen to The Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show only on KWCR 88.1 Weber FM, Thursdays from 3pm-4pm, podcasting at and iTunes.
Afternoon hail ricocheted off intimidating boulders. In mid August stopping the shivers was surprisingly difficult. Tucked between broken quartz, I rationalized the weather, high altitude, lack of planning, and the truth was humbling.  I wasn’t tough enough. Others passed, some hid their demons under a hoodie, while others had no demons, for them, it seemed...
July 13, 2010
by R. Brandon Long
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