contributor : Jennifer Leigh Ward
Jennifer Leigh Ward is a Certified Health Coach and Holistic Health Counselor accredited with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and The State University of New York. She has recently moved to Utah from New York City in the pursuit of some fresh air :) Her wellness practice, Medicinal Nutrition, offers highly personalized nutrition programs to help her clients achieve balance, lose weight, prevent illness and heal with food. Her holistic approach to wellness examines not only what is on our plate, but all of the things that feed our lives.
A long time ago, all foods were “organic.” They were grown and prepared without pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics or irradiation. All food was once unrefined, whole and minimally processed, however today this food has a new name “organic”.  Since World War II and the start of chemical farming (and food processing), our Earth’s...
July 16, 2010
by Jennifer Leigh Ward
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