terra45 was born out of our elemental bond with nature.

it’s an appreciation, a connection, or a sublime lifestyle that we inherit from mother nature. the 45th terra is literally an outdoor mecca. diverse in many ways and heavenly for those who partake in it’s offerings. weaving our lives in and out of nature we become part of one thread, bonding us all together. this thread-one of love and respect for the lessons gained-sits squarely in the drivers seat of our brand.

what we do:

we make and sell apparel for those who love the outdoors, mother nature and who want a quality, value-based garment to represent this love! our aim is to give folks a way to wear this love while creating a lifestyle brand that stands on it’s own merits.

what we stand for:

the values of this lifestyle brand are well rooted, but quite simple:

  • give more than we take
  • obsessing over environmentally friendly business practices
  • living healthy and active lifestyles

all-in-all, bringing some of our roots into the present and finding that balance of living a simpler lifestyle while enjoying all this beautifully-modern world offers.

our values in practice:

  • we use american apparel for all our garment needs. they have a vertically integrated business model where they manufacture, knit, dye, cut, sew, market and distribute their products from one warehouse in los angeles, ca. they keep jobs in the u.s., keep their carbon footprint to a minimum and stand for some damn worthy causes. all this made the decision very easy, but an equally large factor was the quality, style and fit of their garments.
  • we use simple water based inks on our garments, which gives us the soft, classic feel that we demand. It also allows us to keep the impact on our environment to virtually nothing. no chemicals, no plastic gloves, just a little water and a bit of human labor.
  • in the u.s., we ship via the united states postal service for one simple reason; they are already using energy and fuel to deliver mail and goods to any address, so we want to utilize this infrastructure to minimize our footprint and impact on our environment.
  • the garments are produced within small runs, on a single station, homemade printing press. this allows us to intently manage the quality of our product and minimize waste produced from mass production.
  • organic cotton is a natural fit for our line and will be used as often as possible. the goal being; 100% organic and having the least possible environmental impact on our world.